What ITC has done so far ? do you know ?

Well I have met many Jokers in this platform , who claims so much of victory but have no idea what is happening in the stocks / Indices

They still continue to claim their indicators , Telegram Channels ( Message in Private Box ) , and etc etc and retail usually follow them only to end up getting loss

I had to make this above statement particularly one individual is very irritating me with various methods , i am letting it go ignoring so far

Regarding Scrip , ITC so far have made its move up as 3 wave impulse and have corrected in the pattern of ABC as sharp corrective pattern Wave 4

by which it meets the Guidelines set or advised by R N Elliott as alternative moves of sharp and side ways ( wave 2 is side ways so the wave 4 will be sharp )

Now i am looking for a strong reversal basically on daily then followed by weekly , apparently its still not showing a sign of strong reversal daily

for safe entry and long term prospective one can wait for weekly strong close , because the room to down side is still at large it can come down or it might reverse

at any given condition it must not brake the low of its last impulse leg

So people please wait for strong close on weekly and take a safe entry for next move up

Good luck

Comment: Well all of you aware its making an small moves to down side , and i call it as

Last Omit of the trend , Yes you are reading , its Going to omit one more time
out form the current channel before it makes any reversal

I am attaching a chart here for your reference one can wait for strong close before taking a decision of entry in the scrip
Trade active: buy on 2 Hour candle reversal and the candle should be Complete Green ,


The 2 hour candle's shifted to green, is it a good time to enter ?
ShreeKrishna tariqueali11
@tariqueali11, have some patience , it has turned green , the high is not taken out , and yet again its going down

Why cant you wait for daily close to green , its just a suggestion
tariqueali11 ShreeKrishna
@ShreeKrishna, Oh yes, no I will be waiting for another day to confirm for trend reversal actually, was just asking you since you are the pro here :D

Thanks for the suggestions
Thank you for the update. I am starting to accumulate a little by little for my long term investment. :)
ShreeKrishna muralikumar
@muralikumar, Yes sir you are welcome and You can surely buy on every drop , its A Good investment

Best regards
Thank you for the update on this scrip
ShreeKrishna tariqueali11
@tariqueali11, You are welcome sir
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Thanks for update
Any clue if we can tell if the trend has reversed ? Or is it alright to enter now and ride the downtrend and go all the way up to TP ?
ShreeKrishna tariqueali11
@tariqueali11, I may wait for weekly close , because of my knowledge & Experience i am replying you sir , i do not go for bottom hunting unless i am sure with the structure and trade set up , this scrip is highly fluid and losing few points for entry is acceptable rather sitting in the trend without no movement for longer period before the actual trend start , Rest Good luck to your venture
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