JUST DIAL: Getting ready for a big move

Just Dial is consolidating in a very short range at a support level which was previously acting as a resistance for the price to go up.


Please can you explain "Decrease bearish strength" on volume?
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@tbgokani, if you look after 14th July on chart......price is falling continuously but the important thing here to note is that day after day the volume of bears/sellers is decreasing.....this is what is called a decrease in bearish strength and the possibility of this bearish momentum to continue is low.....if with the decrease in price the volume of sellers/bears increased continuously then that represents an increase in Bearish strength.

Similarly, if Price increase and buyers/bulls volume increase----- Increase in bullish strength
if Price increase and buyers/bulls volume decreases----- Decrease in bullish strength
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tbgokani Aditya_Pal_Singh
@Aditya_Pal_Singh, Thnx for great explaination
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Okay sir👍
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Sir, tell me Buying price ??
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Aditya_Pal_Singh vishnubarath1995
@vishnubarath1995, There is no surety of any price in the market......but support is always a good zone to buy as the risk to reward can be more on the rewarding side with minimum down side.