Long reversal at specified levels

Looking to Go long on reversal near the specified area
Trade active: They are dribbling , in Next week any bullish closing on daily is entry for next up side move
Comment: today they ended up with 0.1 % negative closing it means any strong price action with reversal sign its good to go ,
two things are possible 1: they will gap down and take off
02: they will continue to dribble few more days til it makes to 540/545
keeping in watch list is good
Comment: did you miss my update yesterday ?? ha ha look what happen
Comment: today they have made to 555 , now i am looking for Expansion and reversal on daily
to Go long
Comment: Price made to levels , Now i will be looking for reversal + Confirmation for Going Long
Trade active: Well if you know anything about technical analysis , tell me about it , when i had posted this they are dribbling and will likely to reverse near 545 and Guess what they did reverse form the same level pin pointed , I see many authors post here charts with no meaning , even 1 Chart was posted today as Brake out in Just dial 1 Hour chart , it was bouncing off the level and heading downward , but the author is say its confirming the Brake out as update , So Guys please if you dont know what is Valuation of script in relation to market sentiments , Please learn 1st then you can post