Mannapuram - Inside Bar


Go Long above 163.6 with SL at 160
Short below 156.5 with SL at 160
Comment: No trades triggered today. Inside bar idea valid for tomorrow with even narrower limits.
Comment: Go Long above 161.5 with SL at 158
Short below 156.5 with SL at 158
Trade active: Buy triggered at 161.5
Trade closed: target reached: Trailing Sl hit at 165


Brought Manappuram at 158.3 on 31st July...now closing price on 14th Aug is 154.55

my target price is 183.

suggest me what to do now ?
should I keep this stocks or exit tomorrow ?

is there is any chance for pull back ?
if yes where I have to book Profit ?

please suggest me targets & stoploss with time frame !
So, SL hit, whats your view now? Any pullback expected?
raj_rishav gopinathk
@gopinathk, sorry forgot to update here, I always trade with a hard trailing SL so escaped before the massacre. I do expect price to move up based only on the RBI announcement. However ill wait for price action confirmation
gopinathk raj_rishav
@raj_rishav, i see many screeners showing this stock as a potential buy zone..!! Tomorrow will be a trendsetter i believe for both mannapuram & muthoot..!!
raj_rishav gopinathk
@gopinathk, I wouldn't trade on that. Market is playing tricks. check some trade actions: Reliance after +ve AGM, Indigo after disastrous results.