Marico and Option of it.

Marico can create maximum an excess as 325, therefore buy-in steps, not a bad decision.

For example,
  • 1st) Buy Marico @330.5, 50% using of margin from deciding to trade.
  • 2nd) Trade, buy 325 nearby with use of remain 50% margin from the decided margin.

Best strike price to trade on Marico as per the above steps.

345 Call of marico ( CMP 5.9)
345 Call of marico
Comment: Keep patience on MARICO to trade.
Trade active: MARICO CMP is 320 and let take it bottom out.
Comment: Marico broken channel but, the best decision to trade is that, let cross 325 from now.. .CMP 320.
Trade active: 302-305 is bottom of thi stock
Trade active: If have have lion heart, then by marico 300 nearby... hold for it