Part 3: Elliott Wave Principle - Double three correction guide

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It looks like mother Sumi has completed the 4th wave correction, and the ending point of the corrective wave (4) is the starting point of wave (5).
Wave (4) is occurring in double three corrections.

A "double three" consists of two corrective patterns, the first labeled W, and the second label Y, separated by a corrective pattern
on the opposite side, which is labeled X.

Wave formations:
Waves W is a zigzag correction pattern.
Wave Y triangle.
Wave X could form any correction pattern.
Wave X is smaller than wave W & Y.

Rules and objectives:
1. Double three is a corrective structure that includes more than one type of corrective pattern.
2. It consists of three waves, which are marked W-X-Y.
3. A triangle may occur only as wave Y in a double three.
4. In most cases, double threes are not deep corrections.
5. wave Y usually ends at 100% – 161.8% Fibonacci extension relative to wave W.
6. Wave Y should not go below the 161.8% Extension of Wave W. It shows that the corrective trend is strong.
7. There never appears to be more than one triangle.

What are the double threes?
Price picks up momentum when it starts an impulsive wave.
After accomplishing the impulsive wave, it corrects the previous move by a three-wave pattern.
These three waves were not enough to complete correction because of the high momentum & directional power of an impulsive wave.
Price creates another three-wave move to complete the correction by merging through intermediate wave X.

Let me make it easy by explaining and structuring examples.
Double three Structure:

Real Example:

Wave ((1)):
Wave ((2)):
Wave ((3)):
Wave ((4)):
Full chart:
According to the wave principle, Wave (X) is an intermediate wave, and it holds the power of the corrective structure.
However, if bulls are ready to push the price for a new price extreme, then the price should break wave (X).
Now, your concept is clear about wave X.
Wave X holds the power of the corrective structure.
Without breaking wave X, correction can't be complete.
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