🔰 InfoEdge Analysis with Live trade and its review

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🔰MY entry: 4820 ( 1 L invested with a risk of 5% ), I believe in my system and follow the process thus risk-reward is based on the edge of my system. So that's invariant still just for the psychological purpose.

🔰I too am a learner and would love to learn with you all :)

🔰Well, this is a transparency series created by me, here I will take the trades and then post them, will also tell how much I invested in it and what are my targets, when I exited, what were my returns, or did the SL got hit. These trades are under the guidance of my mentor and as per my risk-reward ratio, This is no call just being transparent with you all :)

➼Don't blindly take the trade focus on the process first then step into the trade
➼Define your risk first then trade
➼If your setup of trading and mine matches then it's awesome we think the same :)

🔰 {Some info} - updated
➼My name is Apoorv and I am a 2nd year Engineering student, I want to pursue trading as my career, and thus whatsoever setups or trades I potentially see on my charting platform, I post it here and share them with you all.
➼I hope you will love my simple analysis style.
➼Feel free to suggest your view on this as learning is earning here :)
➼I take my trades on my Zerodha account :)
➼These charts are my and only my work, my thought process
➼just from an educational point of view and no calls.
➼Guidance: The Madras Trader

<<<<<<Thank You Have a Nice Trading Day>>>>>>


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@ankurblakhani, Bro I would suggest buying at the levels of 4850 and 4900, a good dip, if comes and makes a green bullish candle on these levels @ 1hr chart buy 10 more as per your risk and reward :)
Also, If it does not gives a dip instead gives a breakout from the level of 5050 then and only then add 10 more shares after watching that it sustains above 5050 for 1hr at least :)
huge fan of MADRAS TRADER :)
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@Bhazi, :) me too
Aren't you checking out the fundamentals?
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@gggaravind, No bro, fundamentals reflect the price of a stock in the long term only not with respect to trading, investing is pure knowledge of finance whereas I do trading which is a piece of art. I booked 5% @5040 :)
I took trade at 4808,aiming for 5-6%..Thanks Apoorv
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@pinguday, then You got it bro, I exited at 5040 Hope you too made money in such a bearish mkt on long side
I entered at 4371 ☺️
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Averoy_Apoorv_Analysis bhawnacilnical22
@bhawnacilnical22, Yep I rem, that's amazing :) keep holding but I think above 10% one should start booking some qty :) rest on you