Short Nifty at 15140 : Shorting at Resistance - Trading Wave C

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NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Short Nifty at 15140
Stop-loss 15275
Target 14311 : Where C = A & Risk/Reward is 1:6
Target 13721: Where C = 161% of Wave A & Risk/Reward is 1:10+

It's been a spectacular bull run since March 2020 Lows. Expecting some correction or deeper pullback this time.
Nifty trading at resistance or near to Corrective Wave B highs.

I'm shorting nifty, anticipating that Wave B is completed at 15273, and now we are going lower in Wave C for a target of 14311 ( C=A ) or deeper at 13721 ( 161% of Wave A )

We can never be sure that it's a Wave C and Nifty will fall. Trading is all about probabilities, It's probable that Wave B is completed and Nifty may fall or correction may come in form of Wave C to mention targets.

We can not control the outcome, we can only control our trade.
If I'm wrong on this trade then my Stop-loss is at 15275 or 135 Points. It's a good opportunity to trade for me because of the Risk To Reward Ratio.
Trade active
Nifty set to open above Stop-loss price @ 15275. For me any single tick above SL is a stop-loss triggered to exit position.

In case like today when opening is above the stop-loss price, I will wait for the 15 min 1st candle to get completed & will be placing stop-loss at 9:30 at the high of 1st candle.

This is not the 1st time, in past there are many caes like this.
Nifty Stop-loss is at 15337. Any single tick above 15337 is SL triggered. CMP 15300
Nifty Shorted at 15140
Target is 14311 for 1:6 Risk / Reward - Where C=A
Today's Low So far 14350.
CMP 14400

The next Target is 13721 For 1:10 Risk/Reward

Not in a hurry to book profit, let the profit run. Awaiting 13721 With Trailing Stop-loss.

1:6 Risk/Reward achived at 14311. Nifty Shorted at 15140.

Awaiting 1:10 Risk/Reward at 13721.

C=A is completed.

Awaiting C = 161% of A. at 13721


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