Why You Should Read Between the Lines ??

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Hi Friends,
I gave enough descriptions for the Nifty in chart itself, if any doubts, leave a comment below I will get back to you ! Now I wanna address something important...
This post gonna generate lot of heat, I guess. If it doesn't, I believe we are matured enough to accept criticism / feedback and constanly trying to improve. Below are few points which I had in mind for quite sometime and wanted to share with you guys {the whole Indian Tradingview Community}, so its not at all for specifically targeted audience.
These are few points which I want to address :

(i) Mentoring, Chart Guidance & Private Messages :
Friends, I'm happy to help - to improve your trading and find success in your trading career. But, its difficult to reply to all the pings on time {there will be delay in reply's because trading is My Full-time Job, thats how I make money for living, So I need to give priority to that}. Moreover, from now on, I'm going to reply private messages based on priority to filter out messages, because of below reasons,
(a) I miss trades more frequently when I'm chatting or posting charts,sorry to say, it happens guys, at times I miss trades.
(b) People ping and ask, once they get satisfactory reply or got clarity, they vanish... They don't even have basic courtesy to leave a comment or support the charts which give them abudance knowledge for Free of cost {Never take it Granted}. I should agree there are really good & courteous people. Guys, please have basic courtesy of giving back a comment or like, Authors here are not depend on You, You are dependent on them. Honestly, don't you have a second to click Like ? but you will feel happy about subscribing to some unknown tipster(fraudster) and lose money. I can see some good posts from other authors getting 1 or 2 likes , it feels sad ! I want this point to be very mild, so Take a moment guys, Courtsey helps you only, not author's rep score which is just number, rep score = No money out of it !
So those who are courteous to Me or support My charts, I will reply them on priority.

(c) As of Now, I don't mentor for fees or conduct courses for trading or do private mentoring or manage Funds, so please don't ask. Because I make enough money from trading itself,To be honest, more than what I gain from conducting Mentoring/ training courses. So whatever I want to share, I will share those strategy,ideas here, you can always learn - It will Remain Free for everyone,Never take it Granted.

(ii) Proper Credits :
If Ping - ask- after reply- vanish is one set of people means there is another kind of people who share posts on Whatsapp or social sharing platforms with their names without giving proper credit. The Height of it was, re-creating same trade setup n posting . Either give proper credits or Don't repeat. Its not healthy attitude friends.
For Instance, I can understand Triangle pattern or support/resistance zone or some other pattern will be same for everyone, I'm not telling about that. But some unique ideas /trade setups{posts} will be Unique for the author;s post only bcos that is their style of trading, out of blue you can't repeat that post on same scrip like, as you know that already. If you really know, post it out before Me, you deserve My appreciation or atleast give proper credits to Me.
This is only for those who created posts with similarity to My posts, others chill down.
Already I shared a post on repeating with innuendo on Nifty, so this is 2nd time, next time I will be direct, won't take it easy :) I don't want to spoil the respect you have in the tradingview community & your followers also will feel bad. So, lets ends this amicably,cheers :)
(iii) Quality over Quantity :
Out of respect and love for Me, people ask why I'm not posting more ideas. Friends, thanks for the love,expectation and
respect you have on Me. But I believe in Quality over quantity. Though its in small quantity, bottle of Drinking Water tastes better & quenches your thirst,than abudantly available salt water in Oceans. As mentioned earlier, No. of followers/No.of Posts/Reputation score is just a number for Me & I don't gain anything from that or money on no.of posts/Rep score , so they are nothing to Me, All I believe is in content I share & helping people. So, Lesser posts with Best Learning Content, My Style !

(iv) Responsibility of Traders :
Authors can decieve you or manipulate you & show they are successful by not updating Losing trades & will go on posting again n again repeatitively about their winners. The beauty of it,(i) initiating short on Equity & holding overnight which don't have futures, do you even know risk of shorting Equity ? (ii) Updating only Winners & never updating losing trades, check their profiles you will know what I mean. (iii) Altering views frequently after the market move happens.
So Traders, always check most of the posts of particular author & check whether they are really profitable or they are updating only winners by skipping losers. Tradingview has playforward feautre, use & check authors ideas whether it really worked or fake. Even tradingview posted blog because authors are manipulating/cheating their followers :

Choose your Authors wisely & whom to follow after proper verification.

(v) Your Trades, Your Decisions - Not Mine : I neither have responsibility for profits you make or the losses you take. Please trade ideas after proper analysis.

For Authors - Don't take followers for granted n post winners only,skipping losers.
For Followers - Always check profile of Author, always give compliments with Likes n Comments :)

Everyone take the post in right sense...We need to improve a lot as Trading Community !

Trade active:
Short Initiated @ 8815 but with 10 point stops. So No probs even if it goes up,bcos its in My Plan !
Done for the day, Exiting 50% of short Positions. Carrying over another 50% if there is gap down 2mrw, I can cash in. Didn't want to take risk on 100% position bcos if Gap up happens 2mrw, I need to balance the loss. Check n decide on your positions whether to square off or carryover !


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