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Good Morning Guys :) All of you are so pumped up & watching a Nail bitting finish in U.S elections then suddenly our very own PrimeMinister Modi came in & changed the scenario with surprise twist by banning 500 & 1000 rupee note.
We have lot to discuss today, why discussion not analyzing of charts ?? Well, Check out previous chart friends, We are screaming " Nifty Down Down " for many months, Even in my last AxisBank post in comment section I mentioned Nifty to make a move down (Monthly chart). So don't say that we didn't see that coming :)

With Descending Triangle Breakout we already knew Nifty is going to reach 8000's, this huge breakout around (8200 & Market yet to open) is just checkpost to reach 8000. We already predicted this 5-6 days before in our post, check target for triangle you will get 8k's as simple as that. These news events are just factors or trigger events to achieve what the market shows us, as Patterns.

Hillary vs Trump - Not My Problem or Your Problem. Life will go on, so skip it.There is nothing to discuss. Stumped with one-liner finish ?! Yeah ! Not Our Problem, Realize it !

Currency Notes - Its Bold n well-thought out move. Except Modi, I don't see any politician who is strong enough to take bold decisions & I'm not at all Modi or BJP or Congress or xyz supporter. I don't like politics but will always know what is the politics going around Me n in My country.

I will type more later after posting.. bcos markets will open...
Most of you know already the process for deposits, this process was going on for last 6 months - Arun jaitley quoted that. The Voluntary disclosure scheme was given as chance for those who want to disclose black money as this was in planning stage. The reasons given by RBI & Govt. of India are true n valid there is no questioning.

But we have lots of difficulties like what if a farmer saves up 50000 or 5 lakh in his rusty iron-trunk for daughter's marriage & now he goes to bank to deposit, Now all of sudden bank employees will act as if they are big-guys around questioning him about source, Pan number & I-T guys will all of sudden wake up from sleep torturing him. Politicians by-pass the whole scenario by sending their reps n exchange. What about P-notes ? we still don't know the source for P-notes. What about trillions of dollars in safe-havens ?? what about the black-list in Supreme court which Govt. & RBI requested not to reveal ??? Hope Modi acts on all fronts , not just internal.

Though I don't like Politics, I think Modi is capable of doing it, lets give him time instead of questions :)

More to come...
Few are asking what happened to My positions as I'm trading some large positions. Guys, I really don't know whether I'm luckiest person or just coincidence, Last friday itself I have informed that I will be out bcos of close-relative's marriage, so I didn't trade for last two days, No Positions. Call it Luck or Coincidence :)

What "If" I traded - this is next question : Exit Right Now ! No Discussions needed, accept the loss. We know, when we trade we are risking Money, so don't blame something, waste of Time.

Everyone springs up surprise n makes News, From US elections to Modi, so why not Insider B ? Here is the Insider B's sweet surprise, Not just one, there is two,

(i) Re-launch of B Plan strategy, Yes you heard it. I'm going to post actively on Stocks
(ii) I will analyze, answer , discuss all your queries on any stock & anything related to trade today, drop down your queries in Comments section.

Questions Open Now...
Risky Shorts in Nifty :
Everything goes down the flush, Note it down - All Developing Economies gonna struggle, over the time even if Nifty fills up 6700's don't be surprised. Oh yea ! I forgot to say trump won
7200's for Sure.. Remember Our Gap theory ?! But not 2mrw itself, we will go there over the time. Hunt all the Bulls from Now on...


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