AxisBank : Early Bird catches the Prey !

How is your saturday going ?! Hope the weekend starting off on Good Note. Today morning I was looking for some stocks to accumulate on medium term (4-7 months). AxisBank was one of them which I kept in radar for past 3 months. Though I'm not sharing about all the stocks in My Portfolio, now its time to post it out for you guys as I did LT a year back, we caught Lt around 1050's - 1100's & rode all the way upto 1600's. { Attached that LT post in related ideas check it out to know, how we planned for long term investment }

AxisBank has the same potential of moving up and around our entry zone, we are early here, so wait & confirm bullish reversal before accumulating the stock. I have marked the zone 450's to 470's for entry, use any technique in this zone to accumulate ( averaging, after bullish confirmation or based on pattern). Our stops go below 415's, even if you buy around 470's ( max price ) our risk in AxisBank will be 60 points with reward around 350 points over 4-7 months.

Any of you got confused about the Elliott corrective I have shown above, its irregular correction. I haven't shown this to you in public post, anyway here it is & the corrective wave is perfectly fine, Don't worry !

One more thing I want to clear, Just don't buy bcos I'm investing in Axisbank or I posted the analysis, check for yourself about the fundamental before investing. I'm expecting 800 by Mar'17 in AxisBank , almost 75% increase from here, it will look tempting when compared to Bank Interest rate but risk is involved here. So check your portfolio size and allocate only the amount which you can spare & Take investment decisions wisely.

This is longterm setup, so Patience is the real Key to Success !
By the way if you want any long term investing stock analysis - comment below. I will do the first 2 scrips :)
Comment: Had a relaxed Saturday, so updated most of the requested scrips in comment section itself. If you have any queries leave a comment below...

And That felt good :)
Comment: Don't Miss the Obvious, Keep an Eye for Large n Mid caps. This is Best time to accumulate !
Comment: Guys, check out Tatasteel posted in comments Below, Should I say more ?!
Comment: Except Bhel, all the stocks posted below has zoomed up after reaching our Buy Zone. I think this is one of the valuable posts I have ever done, Happy Friday !


Wow! You nailed it.
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Whooaa! Wow I missed the party. Just catching up with all the analysis. I feel that you just love your work, and that's the best way to live one's life.
You simply Rocked !
I know its late but I have one request. Your inputs on Nifty monthly chart. Has the fifth wave completed at 8960 level (as a truncated one) and have we entered corrective waves part (a)?
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InsiderB nirav5
Ha ha... I just had a free-saturday so thought of sharing something with our peers, so took up charts on request. Thanks for the Appreciation buddy, by the way Nifty Monthly ? yeah we will do in sometime
InsiderB nirav5
Here it is for Nifty on Monthly, Happy Sunday ! :
nirav5 InsiderB
Thanks!! Ranging in wave 3 sounds reasonable. Happy Sunday :)
AMBRISH nirav5
Thank You very much for posting your view on different stocks for Investments Only.
as tech sectors is down my choice M. tech,
Happy Lucky Go.
In my opinion, IT stock are in range mode. I still remember holding TCS in 2014's , though it gave positive returns it wasn't upto expected levels, when a robust, consistent performer didn't give exemplary results. On TechM side I believe it will range in 400's - 580's forming triangle pattern ( weekly chart).
InsiderB nirav5
Cool then :)
I agree with you for IT stocks, Tech M is still range bound for the brake out on either side.
mannemnp InsiderB
@InsiderB, Hi Boss any idea on Bajaj Finance and Syncom Formulation.