Bloomberg Fibonancci Analysis on NIFTY.

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

---> My eye always travels from right to left looking at the more recent data and scanning back when I apply FIB RETRACEMENT.

As a trader, you now want to know where the market should not go. As per this statement, 10709 is a very crucial level.

If the bottom is still not out then, Resistance and Confluence zone at 100038.

I have applied here 3 Feb Retracement to find a CONFLUENCE ZONE which always reacts for traders.
Trade active: Confluence zone at 100038. Selling will start now.
Comment: SELL NIFTY FUT. 10055 to 10085 and stoploss 11000 abvoe... targets 9935 or 400 points downside
Trade active: Amazing my short-selling order has been executed at 10062 mar future.
Trade active: Hold short psotional
Comment: Short sellers enjoying nifty???