Which type you belong.?

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The best way to find the type of trader you are is to see the capital curve,(or equity curve) over time into your trading account. Over time it may increase or decrease depending upon your performance but the way it is increasing and decreasing will give you an idea of where you are going, towards a professional trading or still in the 95% of crowd, who overall lose money.
Type - 1
Big Loss
Small Profit
You will not believe me I observed ledgers of many traders where I found that this category has the majority. Some lose there entire capital in just 20 to 30 trades their losing trades are so capital disruptive that they soon get out of the game.
The reason are many but one common reason I found in such traders that , they do not accept that they are on a path of failure. They always get crazy about their accuracy ,(as if you book small profit and big loss than your accuracy will be excellent) . One more problem is their search for a HOLY GRAIL.

My advice: May be this game is not for you. Try something else than trading, (Bitter advice but what can I do the reality is that this game is very hard)
Type - 2
Big Loss
Big Profit
Now this category is of those traders who enjoys this game, their main reward is not monetary reward the innate thrill of this game, gives them so much pleasure that they can resist themselves.
Reasons why they tend to behave like that are many but I think, they play the main role for prices to rally fast they make market uncertain and high volatile.
Ultimately they lose money but they are not concerned.
My advice: May be you , do not need any advice , You need Introspection


Type – 3
Small Loss
Small Profit
This type is of that trader who had a bad experience in the market and now they want to improve their trading they read books follow gurus . They always are in a search for holy grail . Though they ultimately lose money but I like this type of trader because they at least accept loses. They at least cut down the main hurdle. They survive long.
Advice: You accept small losses but why exiting early manage your emotions follow plane believe in plane, that’s it. Just allow trade to run in profit.


Type – 4
Small Loss
Big Profit
This type of traders are the pro ones their entry is difficult but exit is marvelous , rest of the traders shuffle a lot while exiting from a trade but this trader they are genius in it. They make plane, execute them, flexible with plane, accept mistakes … etc
Advice: Sometime you may feel boring as the trader life is not a social life , after seeing all whipsaws in your trading journey you may feel tired but always remember there is yet many milestone to achieve, this is just a beginning.

The trading is a negative sum game , here one's profit is a loss of other. This is like battle where traders fight with their conflicting opinions at the same time simultaneously.

So keep your fighting spirit up .


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