Nifty : Not just making money, We are Minting Money !

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Nifty analysis is over before we begin to start, yes true. The expectations and scenarios for the day are given in chart itself and it opened right at trendline. Lets move to something interesting..." What we made during September ? ".

You guys know I did same for last part of August month, For September I consolidated details on Saturday itself but I was highly oscillating should I share this or not ? Finally decided to share with some disclaimer.
(a) I'm not comfortable revealing My trading journal, so Details of Trading journal not revealed here only tradingview.
(b) Its not to show off or I made this much or to make someone jealous
(c) Its to motivate you guys to learn about trading properly & to use that knowledge with discipline to trade.
(d) Tradingview is all about transparency thats what they mentioned in Blog, so I'm going transparent about charts I posted.
(e) I like to view/take things lightly, thats My Style - you all know.
Again its purely to motivate you & instill confidence... Here comes details :
To keep things simple, I considered trades as Intraday & closed by EOD
1-sep-16 No trade {Range Day}
2-sep-16 No posts, so considered No Trade
6-sep-16 +90 pts { Bullish Flag Break ; Butterfly no entry at all }
7-sep-16 +25pts
8-sep-16 +55 pts
9-sep-16 +70pts
12-sep-16 No trade { stayed away }
14-sep-16 No Trade {Range Day}
15-sep-16 +20pts { the late Gartley squared off by Eod }
16-sep-16 +90 pts
19-sep-16 (-)10pts(Range Day)
20-sep-16 +30pts
21-sep-16 (-)20 pts
22-sep-16 +15pts { squared off by Eod }
23-sep-16 +25pts
26-sep-16 +45pts {On trendline break}
27-sep-16 +25 pts { squared off by Eod }
28-sep-16 +15 pts { squared off by Eod , Nifty moved exactly on the path drawn but we got 1 entry only }
29-sep-16 [ An unusual drop, India's Surgical Strike on Pak :) I didn't include, if you want to include add 150/200pts on channel break. Skip rare occurence , thats better way to count }
30-sep-16 +30 pts { Gartley Gladiator }

In total : 500 pts ( Rare event excluded)
In total : 700 pts ( Rare events included)
If you want till date, Gladiator made another 150pts so (500+150) = 650pts from Sep 1 per lot.
All Math done for 1 Lot, so its 500 pts or 40000 / month { Approx.}. You are free to grab your calculator & Do the Math...
If you say 40000 per lot per month is not enough -- All I do is :) You know why I smiled.
I didn't include BankNifty trades or Stock futures , let them stay in My trade journal :)
Small note : Please don't ask my lot size :)

When everyone said North, We stood against Bulls and tamed Bulls, even when whole market panicked n dropped , We stood against Bear force & hunted them like Gladiator. My posts are proof of it, so trend or countertrend follow your plan with discipline, Even if whole world is against Us, Success will be Ours !

Signing off,
Insider B

Comment: Enjoy the show till 8700's !


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