Hi traders & investors,
Tcs charts structure is showing sign of trapping upside for bulls. I marked pink box area where bears are letting price to visit that area. Then trapping will be done. In fact tcs is in impulse wave that will end near pink box. From there a correction of this impulse is expected to be seen which will take price to red buying zone. Few factors which give rise to this manifestation are as follows:-

1. TCS is trading in green dotted channel. Price is moving from lower end of this channel to upper end.
2. Volume is decreasing while price is increasing ,First sign of trapping.
3. At upper end of green dotted channel there is a strong resistance with the help of white resistance which is hard to be taken out, it can breach but not taken out.
4. Last volume candles are increasing that shows price will visit that area.
All these factors convince me that traders are going to be trapped. For investors sit silent see all my manifestation .Is it going to be proved if yes then wait for your turn . Let price come to red buying zone. Then buy of course with stop loss .If there is condition of buying that zone should not be taken out can breach . Difference between breach and taken out for daily candle is price breach the zone in intraday its ok and come back into the zone by the end of day is called breach. It can close out of the zone at end of day. But next day that low of breached candle is breached again in first hr of trading and price do not come back whole day and close again out of zone then it is taken out. So investor before buying should follow this condition . Over all stock is in Re- accumulation phase will give good return in next 18 months. In short term it is trading in distribution phase that is why going to trap traders.
5. In any condition if pink color box is taken out then structure will change and price will not come back into red buying zone. stock market is game of switching of sentiments when stock change we should also change. Never ever take hope trades. Rest market will decide.

Note. Before investment take your financial planner advice. I share my views according with my analysis.


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