Nifty: GANN Cycles

chetanpathare Updated   
NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
GANN Cycles:
19th October’21- High: 18604.45
To (90 days Cycles)
18th January’22- High: 18350.95

As per Squaring of Time and Price we had 91 days (63 bars) up followed by 45 days down, so we had a low of
8th March’22- Low: 15671.45 i.e. 49 days (33 bars)
The low was also confirmed on Fibonacci cycle by completion 1.272 target.

8th March’22- Low, we may get a 30 days low on
7th April’22 or maybe +/- 2-3 days.
Trade smartly. (Expecting a Gap filling)

Also can get a good entry for next upward cycle from low.
Gap filling and now above day's high.
Bang on the target and I wait for Nifty to cross ATH now...