Nifty Spot Positional View for June 11 2021

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index

NIFTY Current Position is Long bought on June 10 2021 at 15676 Action for 11 June : Continue long and reverse to short if NIFTY closes below 15698

( LTP at intraday or 15:30 PM LTP and NOT close price which is a calculated price)

Profit/loss from current open trade : Profit of 61 Points.

This is a trend following approach for NIFTY using AI algorithms with Polynomial equations ,Customized volatility ,Fibonacci ratios ,Standard Deviation as main parameters. No bias on any side ,no human interpretation . Back tested for 5+ years of data .I have tested this approached for all NIFTY 50 stocks/FIN-NIFTY/ BANK-NIFTY .There are no target levels in this approach.
Please trade at your own risk and i am not a SEBI Certified Analyst/advisor. Will post a detailed FAQ next week.

Last 12 Trades (1664 Points earned from 12th March to June 9)

13. SELL: June 9 to June 10 Profit of 30 points
12.BUY : May 21 to June 9 Profit of 721 points
Paused up-to May 21 No trades given
11.SELL:19th April to 26 April Loss (115) points
10: BUY : 13th April-19th April Loss of (129) Points
9. SELL : 12th April - 13th April Profit of 217 Points
8. BUY : 7th April to 12 th April Loss of (141 ) Points
7. SELL : 5th April to 7th April Loss of (45) Points
6. BUY : 1 April to 5th April Profit of 27 Points.
5. SELL : 31 March to 1 April Loss of (95 ) Points
4. BUY : 26 March to March 31 Profit of 305 Points
3. SELL : 24-March to March 26 Profit of 324 Points
2. BUY : 19 March-24 March Profit of 112 Points
1 . SELL : 12 March-19 March : Profit of 483 Points


Market did go 200 points down from my selling price .
15350 down
@mansingn did you see this ??
Still it will go there
I see nifty will go down here 15750/800 range is for sell . Not againts you at all just my analyses I will wait to break high to go long .
Kiranks07 mansingn
@mansingn, You may be right but i do not go to predict the number and purely go my algorithm. We will reverse at our point and try to fit ourselves to the trend where ever it goes
Agree ,I use Elliot wave and Fibonacci to predict price . And reversal I use 3 indicators confirmation divergence on higher tf. Will be interesting to see this move . May be learning something new from you . Let’s see 🙂🙂
@Kiranks07 told you it was not good to go long at this price
Kiranks07 mansingn
@mansingn, Wait till EOD
Kiranks07 mansingn
@mansingn, What do you think now. Let us follow trend