Nifty next target 18450 (Fibonacci)

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Fibonacci levels as shown on monthly charts of Nifty . Levels mapped according to the levels at pre 2008 Crash high and post 2008 crash lows. It also predicted pre Covid crash Levels accurately


Do you expect any correction before 18450 target?
Whether correction will happen before 18450 or after reaching that level is not my thing. Timing a market is greatest joke on earth. Yes Fibonacci respects nature (all flowers only have number of petals which are in fibonacci series) hence most often that not, markets also respect those levels.

When Nifty broke pre 2008 high in 2014. It did retest that same level during correction but never went below pre 2008 highs.

According to the same, 12414 should be a pretty strong support even if many bad news come and companies stop performing like they have done in 2020-21.

I am ready for a 29% correction 17500 to 12414. I will buy more during that sale.
@pranjalf1 bhai kehna kya chahte ho, 18450 aayega ,Bt before correction or after correction you are not sure? Aisa toh nifty 20k bhi aayega 😃 n u think Wil see 12414 levels in d upcoming correction 🤔
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i am just comparing 2014 bull run due to Modi election and 2020-21 Bull run. nothing else.

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