NIFTY thinking of selling? think twice before doing so

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
don't do that mistake this time.
simple logic based on pitch fork.
Of course I can explain it in other way but I am sticking to pitch fork
first it has taken U turn from the MEDIAN LINE (mentioned in one of the chart attached here ) and violated the UML.
after violating it fell back to UML on Thursday please see my chart of Thursday evening.
Had it violates the UML I would have been skeptical about this rally.
now yesterday this steep rally ? what is this rally?
this is third wave of the ultimate 5 the of the whole rally of nifty from last year. I was little confused earlier and though 1 st wave as third wave.
This is not the time to go short.
Look for my targets shown in the chart (at least)
In the past I had posted so many stock ideas and index ideas which had achieved more than 90 percent accuracy.
don't forget to like my post, follow me to get updates. please go through attached charts.
please go through my previous charts of tata motors ,SAIL. infosys . tatasteel,and many more where I had predicted accurately
their movement and targets.


Hi Sir, Thanks for your Views. Just need a bit of clarification.

Once Index 'touches' Target 4 (15314), do you see a

1) Huge Reversal(till around 14500)
2) A minor pull back may be till 15170 / 15124 / 15050 and later to continue upward momentum
3) Possibility of index touching 15400/15430 in the near term (as in current expiry, perhaps Target 5)

This may be too much right now, but going by your wave count now, do you see index potentially reaching 17300 at the culmination of Wave 5.

Thanks in advance. Good day.
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@pakshi, you see nothing rises or falls in a straight line some pull backs always possible. some thing may have some impact is dollar index which has been declining. Suppose tomorrow there is spike in dollar index it will have impact on stock market, may be for short time. I think it will not violate recent low of 20 th may. I have shown the recent targets for other targets I have to publish another post. and I will post tomorrow .
pakshi bijoy2526
@bijoy2526, Thanks Sir. Looking forward to your future posts. All the Best.
be aware, as per American astrologer NIFTY/DOW likely to fall at least 10%(may be15-18%) in june. keep cash in hand to grab this fall.
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bijoy2526 ckirtane
@ckirtane, good to know. no further comment.
Always look forward to your analysis sir... Majorly accurate and perfect
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bijoy2526 dhavaltrades
@dhavaltrades, thanks will post another stock idea.
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SAIL analysis was superb..
Hope for another one stock suggestions from you...
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bijoy2526 dnpmail
@dnpmail, will post about SAIL again.
More than 90% acc. reminded me of Mr. Gann
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