Nifty - Drawing Expert@11550-Journey of 550 Points

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
11:10 Hrs / 24th April 2019

Nifty Last Price@11582 - Spot Price / Cash Price

This piece of analysis I would like to dedicate to Mr. Armando Avila, Former editor of Lowrider Arte ( Lowrider Magazine) who followed the words of wisdom as suggested by his Abeulita (Spanish word for Grandmother) when he was just 8 year old boy & turned his passion into reality- The drawing expert.

Lowrider (Source - wikipedia)
A Lowrider (sometimes low rider) is a class or style of customized vehicle. Distinct from a regular lowered vehicle, these customized vehicles are generally individually painted with intricate, colorful designs, rolling on wire-spoke wheels with whitewall tires.


Trading Strategy

Plan A -
Buy if holds above 11600 for 11690-11710 target zone

Plan B -
Buy only above 11710 for 11850 & Above 11850- look for 11880-11925 Zone

Plan C-
Sell if 11880-11925 gives resistance - Do not sell if moves above 11950 as we can expect explosive upside move to 12150-12185 as suggested over the video - sign of Uranus planet where explosive breakouts can be expected.

Plan D -
Sell Below 11500 for 11300-11325 zone

Plan E -
Refer Last Video Idea of 9th April 2019- "Let us make some wedges" as mentioned below (click the idea)

You can scroll down the idea - can comment & put your feedback & support the idea.

Trade active: 14:51 Hrs / 24th April 2019

Last Price@11688

1st Target Zone Done - 11690-11710 as suggested in the Trading Strategy

Bank Nifty is 250 points +
Trade closed manually: Heading Upside - Nifty at 11795 ( almost 200 points +)
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Abhishek H. Singh, CMT
​Growth Director - TradingView India

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You are awesome :) I love your analysis. " Price is master " , I love to learn from your videos.
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@siddmuk2005, Cheers & Let us try to become emotion free as that is the biggest issue which stops any & everyone from reaching their final destination. Working on Emotions is biggest challenge which we need to learn from people like beloved PM - Modi ji. Thanks
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siddmuk2005 AbhishekHSinghCMT
@AbhishekHSinghCMT, you are absolutely correct. Fear and greed is major part of emotions which is ruining capital and patience .
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