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Anyone who has strived for anything in life has faced resistance (or is bound to face it). That's probably one of the universal laws of life.
Just like Nifty we face it too in our lives. But if you observe in the longer run persistency matters the most out of all. All the ups & downs of life will look similar to 2008 & 2020 (March) if you keep going.

It's the attitude of 'Never Giving Up' what counts the most.

The Darker the Night, The Brighter the Stars.
The Longer the Resistance, the Higher you'll Soar.

In the long run - All those failures and setbacks do not matter. They aren't even observable in the big picture.
Set your perspective right about your life.
This is the story of us, our economy. Story of all the people who believed in India Inc.
This prove that Mr. Jhunjhunwala is right to be an aggressive optimist when it comes to our economy.
Capitalism allows every one to take part in this story. Stock Markets are an enabler of wealth creation.
Our story hasn't even begun yet. We are all in the initial stage of an actual bull run of crossing 5 Trillion and so on and so forth .

In the end,
New IPO's will be launched and the story will keep on continuing with new corporations and new dreams.