NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
in last two years nifty moved like a roller coaster
feb 2015 - 8900
feb 2016- 7000
feb 2017 - 9000
and today aug 2017 10000
and yes this type of moves have been seen in past as well
after many ups and down be it subprime crisis of 2007-2008, be it harshad mehta scam , be it tech bubble or many more crisi or any scam satyam coal, kfa, 2g --- nifty has been moving constantly from the time it was incepted at a cagr of 17-18% p.a which i beleive is more than any asset class in terms of this consistent move , and there was no chance of loosing money in past as well if u believe in indian economy as nifty is indian economy but again if we start investing what will we do whole year sitting at home ,, naah its like boring so here it comes trading part , almost all trader feels i wil make more money in trading as well as i m engaged as its my job but what happens i mean do they really earn or the broking company earn ; i believe broking industry earn and the so called analyst and trader looses miserably at the end and then make inspirations to those who always did a long term investing like the great warren buffet and many more names .
so whats the conclusion-
conclusion is investing has no match with trading .
Comment: another conclusion u can never lose money if u invest in index
Comment: The Sohn India Investment Conference of the US is a premier investment yearly event comprising of the who’s who of the investment community. Every year it invites top performing investment experts to share one or two investment ideas. It has launched an India chapter. The first year’s event held in Taj lands, Mumbai on 3rd June 2016 brought together luminaries like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Sunil Singhania who is the Chief Investment Officer of Reliance Mutual Fund, Akash Prakash and many others. These experts named their picks. The rough list was as follows.
• Ramdeo Agarwal, Motilal Oswal – Indigo
• Sunil Singhania, Reliance Mutual Fund – Alcoholic Beverages Sector
• S Naren, ICICI Prudential – Healthcare Services Providers (Fortis / Narayana Hrudayalaya / Apollo etc)
• Kenneth Andrade, Oldbridge – Coromandel International
• Shiv Puri, TVF Capital – Repco Finance
• Akash Prakash, Amansa Holdings – Federal Bank
• Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Rare Enterprises – Tata Motors & DLF

All of the stock recommendations may work out well over time but over the one year that has elapsed, they haven’t done too well.


A lot of us believe in coattail investing – riding the selections of experts. But this is perilous. We don’t know what is their horizon, how much they have invested in each of these ideas and whether they have bought more as the price fell. Each of these factors influence the final portfolio returns. So, no matter from whom you get a ‘hot’ stock tip or investment recommendation, it is essential to verify it before trusting it and putting up your hard earned money for a stake. Do not fall for any ‘Buy and Forget Stocks’ or ’Best bargain stocks’. Even if they are from well-known successful investment experts.
once again index investing is best..