Researched for U-Turn for nifty.

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Researched for U-Turn for nifty .

  • Intraday Resistance 12349
  • 2nd channel Resistance 12386
  • Last and final main channel Resistance 12448

We have plotted GAP, channel layers (0) to (3), Initiated move and responsive move on the spot nifty chart.

As per channel layers, traders can make 3x to 5x money from trade setup by using Option Trade (PUT).

Weekly chart view:


I must say it looks to me a great and excellent observation and analysis...
Are you will still travel to ther= levels of 12349/12386/and finally 123448 and then fall
to the levels of 11178?

what is your prediction for today/14th Jan 2020?
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Good Anlyasis as per me good zone for sell 12691 to 12707 with cbsl 12745 Target 12545-12485-12330-12205-12104.50
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@macwithnil, Is there nothing wrong you writing levels?
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perfect analysis nifty levels reached today if last resistance is reached tomoroow what put option would you suggest to get your suggested returns thanks and regards
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Bullshit..u have short on since last week...and when us Iran news came..u got excited saying ur prediction of 11200 to 11300 range will come...obviously market bounced and u got new theory of responsive move...
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@STOCKRIDER1, I dont knw about her shorts being on or something, but i think the analysis will kind of come true. Lets say if there was no Iran news, then nifty would have probably been at the current levels by 6th or 7th Jan and now maybe we should get that final rejection at 12450 levels by this weekly expiry. The news just delayed it a bit.
PredictNifty STOCKRIDER1
@STOCKRIDER1, Know one eternal truth about the market. "Successful traders who are making money silently will never come in limelight and share their system". Its when the analysis is sometimes hit and sometimes fail that one starts making a great fuss. This is the eternal rule. Over a long period of time once the buzz dies down on the "new analyst" you will realise this is true for anyone here or any social trading circle.
Heartly thanks for sharing , your analysis is perfect , keep shining.
@upk007, thanks
every thing is perfect just time cycle(iv) need correction.