Global markets (Last Session):
🟢 US markets continued its up move from last day & moved another 1-1.5% higher closing near highest point of the day.
🟢 European markets opened opened strongly and closed higher by 1.25-2.00% closing near the highest point of the day.
🟠 US 10YR yield closed higher +3.35% near 1.575. DXY cooled off to 94.21 mark. Brent crude rose by 2.00% to 82.44.

Indian Indices Last Session:
🟢 #Nifty opened gap up but had a narrow range day. Towards the end, #Nifty closed higher 1ith 1% gain above 17800 mark.
🟢 #BankNifty had a gap up too had both sided moves. Finally settled the day with 0.7% higher. Poised for a breakout.
🟢 FII's were net buyer of 3325+ cr ignoring option figures which could be for hedging. DII were net buyers of 2528 cr .

🟢 Nifty RSIStairs cooled off in daily TF but it remains overbought in W/M. D(63.00), W(75.30), M(79.68) & ADX D(38.25)
🟢 #Nifty trading above all the major moving averages 20/50/100 in D/W time frame. 20DEMA 17568. Potential BO Candidate.
🟠 With quarterly results ahead, market may not be in hurry to correct anytime soon. May consolidate for first 2 weeks.
🟢 Till some major levels are broken DCB #Nifty (17275-17350) and #BankNifty(37249) trend & momentum in favor of bulls.
🟢 #Nifty #BankNifty spot made NR7IB today. Falling ADX & narrow range moves indicate volatility contraction. BO ahead.
🟢 #BankNifty RSI on verge of breakout above 60. Banking stocks likely to do well this quarter. Expect BO. 20DEMA 37452.

Global markets (Morning Cues @06.00 AM):
🟡 US & Europe futures trading 0.5% flat after a strong previous session. US 10 year bond yield is near 1.59. Caution.

Intraday Index Futures Levels
🟢 IDX Levels adjusted to expected gap up. All TF bullish . Global cues positive. #ParticipantData of FII positive.
🟢 #Nifty Fut 17556/17618/17690/17743-17864/17905/17947/18007. RDX Score- 15M(+1*)/75M(+2*)/1D(+3*)/1W(+6*) #Bullish
🟢 #BankNifty 37185/37375/37525/37749-38048/38173/38333/38425. RDX Score- 15M(+1*)/75M(+2*)/1D(+3*)/1W(+4*) #Bullish
#MarketOutlook #TradePlan #PreOpenUpdate #IndexFutLevels (View all levels only at 15M candle closing basis)

Intraday Index Trade Plan
🟢 PCR 0.98. Yesterday #ShortCovering was evident as futures went from discount to premium & closing was also very good.
🟡 #Nifty trading & sustaining above 17863 on 15 MCB will move higher. One need to wait for breakout and then take entry.
🟡 Adjustment: Yesterday towards closing had taken #STBT #BearishBrokenWingStraddle (-2x ATM CE, -1x ATM/OTM PE). Quit
🟢 Time to play the volatility compression & expansion in both indexes. #NR7IB play can be done for a good 300-500 point.
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