Best Buy available in this Bull run!!

According to my analysis, I see a good buy in NMDC @153-154 in this bullish market.

1. Supertrend {14/3} generated a buy signal.
2. Average Directional Index is above 20* and is rising.
3. Above 200 ema & close to 50 ema**
4. 9 and 26 ema crossing.

Time frame: 1day, Strategy Type: Swing Trade
*ADX above 20 generally suggests that stock is not in sideways.
**But 50 ema may act as a barrier
I firmly believe that NMDCl is can give 5-20% in 10 to 15 days.

NOTE: This is my personal opinion only, not a tip or something. I am not SEBI registered, this is for educational purposes only, you may use my strategy but I will not be responsible in any way for the profit or losses if occurred.