Quess Corp: Strong breakout on weekly chart

buy above 890 (when it breaks swing high) can buy for both Intraday and positional
For positional stoploss below 780.

risky trader can buy above 878 also in intraday but safe level is 890.

For stoploss in Intraday use 5 minute chart and see nearest support.
for target use 5 min chart and fibonacci pivots as i don't keep predefined target.
try to book partially and trail.

Note: this is not a prediction for LONG/SHORT, trade will trigger only on given level as per technical analysis

NOTE: For Gapup or bo before 9:20
If gapup is more than 1% from bo level than avoid completely.
if less than 1% or gives bo before 9:20 than wait for
first 5 minute candle and entry above 5 minute candle
and revised SL below candle Low.