HI Traders/Investors,
Two week ago I posted my analysis on this stock giving conditions for trades . Let us see reliance followed which and how ? In point no.3" A green means white zone is not taken out then price will move to blue zone and red will be crossed easily." See price did not even dare to visit white zone and see red is crossed easily. I did not use taken out for red zone instead use crossed easily. That is the beauty of words I use in my conditions to manifest next move prior it happens. I could use these words because I know where structure can change and respond. All my charts are full of these examples. More than 140 ideas are corroborating this fact. That is why I say many times the words I use should be seen in that context. People miss them and go wrong. Those understand earn a lot. Bad trades and good trades are written regularly in nifty and bank nifty post comment box by traders. Even those who trade in stock they also write both trades, many of them accept their fault to understand the word in right context.
Now I circled a pattern called bullish engulfing which is not activated yet But the beauty of this you will not be able to see in any books . I tell you the characteristic of this . See a big bull candle covered the last three days small candle on good buy zone with good volume Its effect would be seen if red dotted line is taken out on smaller time frame of 1 hr then you will see rally to red line in coming days. If not taken out then and this pattern low is taken out on smaller time frame then good fall . When this sort of pattern are failed then fall becomes worst. I try to provide practical knowledge when i get that sort of setup.In every post first I prove my statements then I write manifested move. Not like others given target missed new target. Basically they don not know stock market is language of probability which they do not use in their analysis. I know this statement of mine will hurt their ego instead of learning new concept some of them to satisfying their ego to troll me taking out silly points that my charts are very cluttered. In my life I appreciated the people who taught me new concept to attain this level. So my dear friends rather than to depend upon machine signals train your eyes and mind to find structure market is performing.
There are many who are good but this is for those who not egoist rather good seekers. Sorry for this offence. You are not my competitors rather co-analyst. Please think over it.Rest market will decide.
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