How to use "Channel Tool" on the Price Chart and its technique?

On the price chart can be draw in parallel lines. For example, prices come right in front of you. If this is accurate and if I call the channel of the true value you draw. No, see if it is contained by parallel lines.

It is a reasonable price, the price of the action counter train is contained by the action parallel mind, so if the price action is not contained by the parallel lines by default.

For example, let's look at an impulsive structure. Here we have Waves 12345, just an excellent Elliot Wave Impulse move. Now let's look at it from the channeling technique.

The first thing we want to do Pull back when I call the "Base channel" and it will be this channel here. We start from the origin of wave 1 to the extreme of wave 2 and then take it to parallel to the extreme line of wave 1. The move at this point. We now believe in clarity that we are rallying in the third wave step.

Next channel. Whenever there is a lower boundary line on acceleration for the importance of acceleration channel I will call the "Acceleration Channel" which you draw from the extreme of wave 3 to the extreme of wave 3. The channel entered into its signals and confirmed that there were the wave 3 is complete. And, the wave 4 is under way.

At that point, we draw a "Deceleration Channel" that defines the parameter of the wave 4.

if we go back and look at the base channel, what I found out using this technique is that the trend line that forms the base channel often provides support for the wave 4 and then ends at the break of the boundary line above it. Wait until the correct price channel is on the bearish channel. Then we look at 5 ways to develop an idea. If you have three waves it is very easy, you argue that you can usually only draw one price channel and that is the signal on the price move. If your check is a counter-turn price move if you watch 5 waves, you should be able to draw 3 clear channels on it. So 3 waves, one channel, 5 waves, 3 channels. Well, now that I look at this price chart, well, what do you have? There is a move upwards, which is contained in parallel lines. It's a counter-train move. Thus we can expect more than to withdraw completely. Now go to the downside.

Best of luck.
Chitroda Dharmik.


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