identifying the repeating pattern ( A Small Efforts )

I dont know most of the pandits in the stock market , but some how i have knowledge that helps me to be aware of possible moves

One of the hypothesis that every one wants to say or express is market repeats it self , but how ? is a big Question on real time basis to most of retail traders

As a professional we are trained to do the same using methods of wave theory and Guidelines set by the same theory

Here i have made an small efforts in forecasting the next move , the current pattern shows less magnitude then the past one

i have marked as you are here in relation to past pattern , Hope one can view it and try to understand the next move

So expect the price to behave in the same manner until this pattern completes ,

Good luck
Trade closed: target reached: did you miss the entry ?? ha ha , its called knowledge my friend


Hi Sree Krishna,

It will be interesting to see if the SBI Cards IPO next fortnight will help SBI break away from the range or whether it's in the price already, in which case correction can happen . Lets see
ShreeKrishna avsrikanth
@avsrikanth, Sir Good morning , Yes i consider your opinion , that is the one reason i mentioned in the description the Magnitude is low or less in the correction part comparing to previous pattern

expect the correction if takes place it will very less in price wise sharp in move ( time wise it will be fast )