Buy SDBL (Som Distilleries) Targets 20-30%

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Purchase SDBL within the price range of 250-275.
Set targets at 300, 340, and 380, adjusting for the split by dividing by 5.
If the price surpasses 390, the all-time high target will be adjusted to 440.

Hold the investment for 3-4 months, specifically until the peak of summer.

-------------------------- Company News:----------------------------------
In a post-market exchange filing on Wednesday, the liquor manufacturer announced that its Board of Directors will convene on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, to deliberate and sanction the sub-division/split of the company's existing equity shares.

-------------------------- Company Overview:----------------------------------
SDBL stands out in the market due to its diverse range of alcoholic beverages, including beer, rum, brandy, vodka, and whisky. Notable brands under its umbrella include Hunter, Black Fort, Power Cool, Woodpecker, Genius, and Sunny.

--------------------------Technical Analysis:--------------------------
The stock exhibits a pattern of rising during summers and cooling down in winters, indicating a potential for historical repetition. Backtesting over the last 3-4 years confirms this trend.

--------------------------Fundamental Analysis:--------------------------
- Shareholding: Promoters' holdings increased from 34.5% to 34.73% as of December 2023.
- Financial Performance: The company has sustained profitability over the last 2-3 quarters, with earnings averaging between 15-20 crores per quarter. Although there's a slight decline compared to June 2023, anticipating an upswing in prices following the June-July quarter results, potentially yielding returns of 20-30%.


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Trade closed: target reached:
301 Target 1 Achieved.
Trade closed: target reached:
Target 2 achieved.
25% Return booked


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