Update on SPCE Fake Out or Breakout

NYSE:SPCE   Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc
It broke out of the atmosphere... next level, game on. Bears on asteroids can't stop this now. In the previous chart, 21.70 was resistance needed to break out to the next level. The next wall is 27.69. Next point of resistance is 24.30 in which SPCE traded in this zone from July 17 to August 3, then succumbing below previous support levels, then recovering. Since the spike creating the flag pole on September 28, he stock appears to be trading in a bull flag momentum which often more times than not signals a strong uptrend. The breakout from the flag pattern is what could be the next catapult to that area of resistance of 24.30. It can take up to 289 days to get to Mars, it can also take 289 days to get rich off SPCE . Hold. Long. Unless a rocket blows up