With exiciting termination wave -An Leading Diagonal in SUZLON.

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Review the "Leading-Diagonal": As you know, Leading Or Ending Diagonals one of two types of motive waves, the other being in impulse wave. The Leading Diagonal is a terminating wave pattern that is form the 1st wave position of impulse waves or as wave A. This is an example here live - SUZLON. We have an Leading diagonal in the 1st wave position of an impulse wave. Now what's exciting about this real-time example:

  • 1) We've throw if you connect the trend lines which connect the extremes of waves 1 and 3 and extend that forward in time. The wave 5th is a bit of price movement above that trend-line which is refer to as Throw-Over. I actually like to see that because that is sign of termination of wave 1st as higher degree or wave 5 of (1).

  • 2) The high price at 13.1, we've also seen spike in volume which is even another sign of termination of termination of wave 1st as higher degree or wave 5 of (1).

These both sign are sharp resolution and dynamic nature of the structure, meaning terminating wave pattern. This is why I'm so exciting to this post and probably one of the most exciting as "Elliott wave patterns" for me.

The Diagonal Triangles are easy to identify, and its introduce dramatic reversals in price, typically to the origin of the pattern and then some! Furthermore, the parameters of this wave pattern are easily discernible and useful in formulating a trade plan

The signs that indicate that a Diagonal Triangle is complete : 1. The presence of throw-over and 2. a spike in volume.

Throw-Over: it occurs most often in wave 5 when prices moderately exceed the trend-line connecting the extremes of waves 1 and 3.

A spike: in volume occurs when there is unusually large volume, and it typically occurs in unison with throw-over.

I am really exiting to see next move.
I hope you all are safe in this stock.
I hope you enjoyed this prediction. Thank you.

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