Tata Communication

Tata Communication Future
LTP: 1128.60
Support: 1053. 05
Resistance: 1194.70 & 1280

This will my top pick as RSI is just about to make a bullish crossover along with triple bottom which is a bullish pattern .

Daily chart (long term)
Candles crossed over the DEMA on 19th April. The green candle made on the 20th April can be considered as a confirmation candle as it is trading over the DEMA .
Basic bullish DEMA pattern is 5, 10 and 20 DEMA . The DEMA currently is showing a reversal. 5 DEMA is crossing over the 10 DEMA . We may see a big up-move if the cross over continues.
MACD and RSI are showing a positive reversal as well.

Hourly chart (medium term)
The last candle is a beautiful green one with a huge momentum.
DEMA is in a positive reversal as well.
MACD and RSI too have entered bullish territory.

15m chart (short term)
50 DEMA is crossing over the 100 DEMA which is a very good sign.
Candles look strong.
MACD has some superb bars and is trading in the bull zone.
RSI too is in the bull zone.

Final overview: Can buy for medium term targets of 1190, 1250 and 1280. If the stock breaks 1280 and trades above these levels, we may see a huge up-move.