Tata steel good for Swing Trade upto 1240 Levels ?

Tata steel Made Inside candle in Weekly TF and making Higher Highs in 15 Min TF, We can take it for Swing Trade.

Entry : 1172 (With good confirmation)
SL : 1148
TGT : 1196

If 1196 level will break with good volume we can keep this Stock upto 1240

>> Always Enter With good confirmation & Maintain proper Risk Reward.

******* Knowledge Purpose only ******** This is my view about Stock/Indices Based on Technical analysis & Price Action . There is no way to predict what will happen in the future or whether a given asset will increase or decrease in value. Because the market cannot be accurately predicted or completely controlled, no investment is risk-free.

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Trade active: Took Entry @ 1172
Trade closed manually: Missed TGT in 6 Points