Investment plus trading smallCap

Has consolidated decently and given a good upmove. We can expect opening Monday session to make new high and then start taking High Price Rejection. Which will signify the beginning of a swing low.

I speculate the swing low to go at most till the Red horizontal line marked against 100ema.

Either it can be taken as an investment idea and bought around 500-570 range. I believe this has the potential to go more than 100%. It has already move over 60% since it's last major fall.

Or you can short on Monday in the noon session for intraday.
If price breaches the thick grey line then we can consider that as a signal of completion of the major bullish trend . And maybe it'll enter a period of rangebound phase or directly fall. Things would be clear only when they actually happen.

For now this is a very good stock to play 🐂