Titan in its Breakout move-Quant box

Titan is in its breakout zone in my quant box on the daily chart . RSI is filled with more of +ve Beta means if it breaks upward it will be good for the derivative traders but if it gives a breakout downwards then it will take time for the script to reach the given target rather it may go sideways because RSI will take time to gather negative +Beta.

MFI must take upward support of the diagonal trend line in the index chart.

So, One can get into a Derivative(Future +option) trade if it breaks and stands above 1746 on an EOD basis for the target of 1816/ 1885.

And, if it breaks down below 1678.50 once again EOD basis one can get into a short trade in the Derivative(future) for a target of 1610 /1541.