Key To Successful Trading Methods Using Wave Theory

Friends things you need to know before you begin with Trading With the Principle of wave trading which i call them as

" High Confidence Trading Methods "

The Key to success can come with proper knowledge , Proper understanding the Key methods,

there is always a constant worry among the traders about the trades once they begin in active trades and they constantly in the pressure about what to do when it makes

noise in the price behavior, some time when trade is in profits they get out in fear that it might encounter an pause or reversal and they miss the next beautiful move what

they originally forecasted during the entering the trade , believe me it did with me also when i started trading at 1st place , i had to undergo lots of the same

series of psychological stages all of you are going through or already went , it takes an tole on our life some time ,

by learning the wave principle you will get an level of understanding where you are in the trend , where is your risk and what you should expect next

having an edge of knowing how things will move before your trade actually take place , is an Grate advantage trading with high level of Confidence

things you need to learn when you want to become successful trader

01) How to improve your trading prospective using the wave principle
02) Which waves are considered for trading high confidence trade
03) How does the actual trade set up is ? and why it is safe !
04) Entry points and Protective stops , why those protective stops are valid logically ?
05) Trade Target , Extension of trade target , Trailing of the stop

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Regarding this trade i have selected an bar reprint tool form Trading view tools section and i have copied an possible up move , and pasted it , You can expect the move in the same passion , one can look for trading after completing this brief move down as 3 wave theme

Good luck

Comment: Yes it did reverse at the possible reversal forecast , Wait for daily close to be in +ve
Trade active

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