Ujjivan Short Bet

But do not take positions as budget is on saturday
Comment: Update of entry lines.
Comment: Some dumb person as you can see in the comment looks like entered Ujjivan short and bombed himself without reading the first line in the comment "But do not take positions as budget is on saturday."

Moral - Read comments.
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Those Who take A call on Candles they are completely beginner of TA... if your one Stop loss hits again its hitting your are in wrong boat....I Shorted @ 407 Today Will let you know profitable..407 is first resistance
Amit_Ghosh SadashivKashyap

1. I am complete beginner of TA.

2. I do not agree with a concept on "Two stop loss hitting is bad boat". Anyways, I didn't entered it because of budget. Its written on comments. Tview is my diary. If you don't like it, unfollow me! Period.

3. I do not care what you did. Post charts on your profile. If I see it, and If I like them, I will like the idea and I will copy your trade.

4. Do not let me know you ended in profit or loss. Why does that matter?
Bhai your both Study Failed Don't Spread Wrong idea
Amit_Ghosh SadashivKashyap
@SadashivKashyap, It is normal that stop loss hits! You can just unfollow me and get rid of me as I am likely to hit more stop losses (Ideas that will go wrong).