This is my prediction and not that I am expecting it to happen (and definitely not wishing at all).
This is a post election scenario where BJP is not able to prove its majority (either by itself or thru coalition). Or there is a hung parliament.
Nifty could easily fall to 17840 - 18800 levels in matter few trading sessions. And depending upon what happens after that there could be a recovery or if things remain uncertain, Nifty could fall further.
The carnage in BNF and Mid/Small stocks could be even more painful.

This should be taken as a prediction and there is a very small chance it could happen. But still there is a chance. 2004 memory is still fresh in my mind.

But if BJP comes to power on its own, even 300+ (BJP only), NIFTY can easily break 23500 in 1st week of June.

VIX is expected to remain at elevated levels. Swings on both sides will be wild and brutal. Thursday was just a trailer (picture abhi baki hai mere dost!)

Trade carefully.


If Nifty comes to 18800, place bullish bet (Mutual Funds, Equity or ETF) on Indian equity markets. Because there will be recovery, just like 2004.