WTI (CRUDEOIL) – Prepares for 88 USD!

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I think WTI is in a fabulous uptrend with target about 88 USD to 90 USD!

Now we are in a corrective wave 2 pattern which belongs to a final wave 5 of 3 as you can see in the chart above and below. WTI closes the final wave 5 of 3 as a so called ending diagonal .

The green box shows the expected area where wave 2 comes to its end (at about 66 USD, I suppose). I use the green box area to place another longorder. There are over 20 USD to collect, so this could be a very lucrative trade!
Be careful, because If I am not right and WTI misses 63.57 USD, it goes down to 60 USD and deeper:

I set a stop at 63.55 USD.

Please leave a comment or a message, if you have any questions!

Take care
Trade active: As expected WTI went down deeper in my green Tradingbox and now I think we will see a turn into wave (iii) to new highs.
I have already placed another longorder at 66,53 USD.
Take care,
Trade active: Hello,
in WTI everything is going as planned!
WTI has made a perfect turn in my green trading box (even in the yellow detail trading box).

Update Long

1. Entry: 64.25$
1. Stop: 62.95$
TP: 74,43$ (profit: 10.18$)
2. Stop: 64.70$
Stopped out (at 64.70$ / profit: 0.45$)

2. Entry: 66.53$
1. Stop: 62.95$
2. Stop: 64.40$

How does it continue?

I think WTI will now establish a stable uptrend, so it’s possible that I will place another trading box soon for another long order. But this I will decide later on when we can clearly see how stable/impulsive the wave structure is.

For now, I assume that WTI will go up to 80$ or even 88$ to 90$. So, there’s a lot of money to make!

Take care,
Trade active: Hello everyone,
as announced: after a perfect turn around in my green and yellow trading box, WTI has built a impulisve wave structure. The question is: how stable is it and what's going on next most likely?
The trend looks stable, but now, WTI has built a wave 1, so it is likely that we will see a wave 2 to the south. Maybe a good chance to place another longorder. In the chart below you can see the scenario I prefer at the moment.
Stay tuned and take care,
Trade active: Hello everyone,
let's have a look...
The last good chance to get in, I think.
Take care,


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