Next Move (Pre-defined )

Good Morning Friends , I wish you very successful trading day ahead ,

Now lets view this scrip , this is making an small corrective structure with in its previous leg up ,

and it has two distinctive possibilities with it i have marked them with different color of arrow mark ,

One has to trade with sense as this trend is still bullish in its nature , it will not give very sharp moves when you sell the Futures , it will be slow ,

but my friend Pinky says the other wise , she is so convinced her self that its going down , fact is far away form her thinking ,

so friends dont fell for telegram or any other social media where you do not have a meaningful explanation on the analysis

even to extent some put the trend line all over the chart , reality is far away form their analysis

So stay tuned you will get very exiting updates on new upcoming trades

Good luck
Trade active: its ready to move up , but too much noise , i will wait for weekly close before taking the trade