VRME is a must for any Barbie, Counterfeits are embarrassing!

NASDAQ:VRME   VerifyMe, Inc
VRME is a technology solutions provider specializing in brand protection functions such as counterfeit prevention, authentication, serialization, data mining, and track and trace features for labels, packaging and products, is pleased to announce that it has been notified that its business with a Forbes Top 50 Private Company that sells nutrition, personal care, beauty and home care products around the globe will expand beyond its initial contract which was awarded in May 2019. For security reasons, the brand owner has asked that their name not be released, as stated in an article from Yahoo Finance.
VRME is my new treasured security of 2021. This Barbie would never be caught dead with a fake! My Barbie reputation is a very valuable intangible asset in my Barbie world. VRME is going to boost my Barbie portfolio 10 fold. Not only that, but did you know that the top three categories of fakes were personal care, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics? The exact categories VRME is catering too... now you do! For every counterfeit good sold, a legitimate company loses revenue which in turn ultimately leads to lost profits and jobs over time translating to securities in the market to lose profits which means you will also lose if you are invested. Don't be a fag like Ken and wear that fake Rolex. So not Barbie cool.
Covidnomics has changed consumer habits to transition to the E-Commerce way of life which has lead to a significant increase in volume of counterfeit goods, which by the way, can pose health and safety risks especially in health and beauty items. It's also illegal, just ask Ken... (he didn't go to jail for that bathroom stint in the park, it was the fake Rolex that did him in)
DD done by yours truly,
PS... you're a moron if you don't invest in VRME... Barbies also can't be seen out with morons


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