XTZ.USD P-Modeling Pt Z. The Hollow Gallows of Cajuns

Glitch420 Updated   
Welcome Hyperspace Archaeologists,
This is ZTX.USD Pt Z. on a 4 Hour Time-Frame.
Long Range Prediction Modeling

Come for the laughs, stay for the Art.

Find the "we are here" bubble.
I am most likely wrong... (duh)..
Meh . Who cares.
but what... if..
good enough for me! Sell it all! #pewpeww
Buy Range
$0.20 - $0.35

XTZ's Quantum Computations Network.
An entire ecosystem lies just beneath your ego.

Flying V of Death.
Full capitulation.
Failure is a necessary presupposition to success.
Laugh with me into madness.
Hit that Like Button.

Thanks for Pondering the Unknown with Me,


*Disclaimer: If you seizure prone, turn the brightness all the way up for extra eye bleed. This is financial advice.
Baseline Snapshot.