Only if you know the wave Principle

Usually people talk after the effect saying only if they know it , well i say knowledge is key to successful life regardless of what profession you are in

We followed this form 404 top and we took short sell in it and we expected it to move based on wave theory ,

We covered and we added shorts again on confirmation of smaller pattern with it when the trend was in bearish

Until this last December we noticed the wave principle do not apply to this scrip because of its fundamental issues , well then how we managed so far ??

The answer is its all based on rules and Guidelines set by R N Elliott , most of you dont have proper guidelines one of the interesting facts he wrote is when

any stock , commodity , or financial instrument has a Question of survival then wave principle will not work on perfect manner but will give an tentative information

based on the formation of patterns on smaller degree and Guess what we know when we found out it has some fundamental issues and we tracked it to lowest degree structure and we are still looking to trade it with help of basic wave theory

Well all i say is having an proper knowledge can give you better results in any kind of business you do in

This scrip is about to make its upside move , that is mandatory for a Question of survival , one can look to trade in cash segment without risking much of their finances

Good luck
Trade active: Friends I am updating it as Active , one of the most important meaningful fact is when fear increases , Greed walks in , and when Greed increases Fear walks in ,

The same is true even in personal life to Stock market financial instruments ,

always note price moves in the direction of leas resistance this scrip is not moving down , it has only one direction left in it , that is upside , it may for short term or long term but it has no room for further moving down ,

My point is from extreme pessimism to Optimism does not come in straight line
it takes series of psychological stages and those stages can be achieved by step by step

Hope you will understand my message

Good luck
Comment: And the Winner is shreeKrishan , yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaa ,

Come on Uncle you should be Jumping now ,
Comment: well i really do not see any news impact at this stage where the price is at the lowest in its pace , usually news are spread only to make retail to look other way and the trend run at its own pace

in My opinion , the move to another low is equal negligible it might take time ,

factor of time is accounted in this kind of situation but factor price is very less effective

buy on dips in cash , Regarding Trading F &O friends if you do not know the seriousness of your capital involved in F & O then its better you take proper Money Management course form NSE Education academy or You can also take free education video available in trading view education section

" I have clearly mentioned to trade in Cash " that means even at this stage we do not enter in Futures ( but we do trade Option buying Only ) being a professional

Good luck again , buy on dips its an just a Huck as news this scrip is about to complete its major bottom
Comment: Well all of you now saw an falling and rising and filling of the scrip
As A Analyst we as team have always been able to gauge the market in appropriate forecast methods , those who thought its not possible to forecast in understandable manner let them think it ,
My point is , people at large being fooled by news and other form of information before the large event takes place, one has to understand the difference between correction and difference between de-valuation

We ware sure 100 % when it started dropping on rapid manner , it was not linear correction it was de-valuation , so we made our bets and we made our revenue

One can still bet on small Quantity on this , its going to make minimum to 70+ , My view at 1st stage is still intact

Good luck
Comment: Now all of you are aware that most of My forecast have made pin pointed direction and pattern formation , this scrip is also no Exceptional

I have boldly posted this saying the 5th wave will be Truncated and it has completed the 4th wave my forecast was 90 it made to 93 ,
Now i am telling you that very shortly you will hear form Gov saying the Time bonding on investments in Yes bank will no longer be applicable , and then you will repent not buying because of Time bonding of 3 Years holding period applied currently , still there is time if you have Extra money just put in it and see the difference after 1 Year , this scrip is about to make its move up and it will lead to move above ATH 410
Good luck

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