Rising wedge breakout trade with Risk to Reward of 3

Daily: NR7 + IB candle pattern
Hourly: Rising Wedge Broke down after getting rejected at resistance
Strategy: Short on break of 439.7
Risk to Reward: 1.5 to 3
SL: 455.5
Target 1: 415.65 - 402.6
Target 2: 394.65 - 365
Order cancelled: Currently sellers got trapped after it broke NR7+IB candle to the downside and it went up.
My view has been changed. I think since it is in the process reversal, shorting is not a good idea.
There seems to be buying exist on every dip in this zone. Sorry for the wrong idea :(
Look for buying opportunities while making sure NIFTY is in healthy uptrend.
Also It is better to do scalping until NIFTY trend is clear