Stock market industries of Colombia

The table below is comprised of stocks that are grouped by industries. Analyze them using a variety of performance metrics and data such as market cap, volume and number of stocks included just to name a few.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Telecommunications Equipment10 526.116 T COP0.54%+0.32%42Electronic Technology1
Internet Retail7 464.877 T COP+0.48%88Retail Trade1
Property/Casualty Insurance3 364.631 T COP0.00%8Finance1
Major Banks3 229.221 T COP2.77%+0.31%3.077 KFinance9
Pharmaceuticals: Major1 935.78 T COP4.18%0.00%22Health Technology2
Industrial Machinery652.71 T COP0.72%0.00%0Producer Manufacturing1
Other Transportation605.014 T COP0.00%3Transportation1
Regional Banks443.282 T COP3.57%0.00%0Finance3
Information Technology Services204.273 T COP−1.33%6.585 KTechnology Services1
Motor Vehicles193.465 T COP4.76%0.00%0Consumer Durables1
Medical Specialties151.692 T COP0.00%0Health Technology1
Integrated Oil92.101 T COP12.41%+0.22%1.945 MEnergy Minerals1
Electric Utilities65.068 T COP3.99%−2.17%251.82 KUtilities4
Gas Distributors30.249 T COP9.69%−0.95%1.129 MUtilities3
Department Stores24.896 T COP0.00%43Retail Trade1
Construction Materials23.588 T COP2.78%−0.80%95.572 KNon-Energy Minerals3
Multi-Line Insurance19.259 T COP3.89%−0.28%835Finance1
Food: Specialty/Candy19.227 T COP3.22%0.00%1.247 KConsumer Non-Durables1
Specialty Stores18.876 T COP1.27%−0.61%1.55 KRetail Trade1
Finance/Rental/Leasing10.892 T COP8.89%−0.79%520.444 KFinance1
Specialty Telecommunications7.076 T COP0.00%0Communications1
Investment Banks/Brokers6.58 T COP8.76%−1.67%13.871 KFinance3
Food Retail3.18 T COP6.84%−1.02%82.995 KRetail Trade1
Agricultural Commodities/Milling2.186 T COP4.20%0.00%0Process Industries6
Life/Health Insurance2.033 T COP0.00%0Finance1
Wholesale Distributors1.47 T COP9.71%−0.86%9.092 KDistribution Services1
Broadcasting1.15 T COP6.41%0.00%0Consumer Services2
Precious Metals977.144 B COP8.91%−0.61%22.898 KNon-Energy Minerals1
Engineering & Construction645.68 B COP0.00%−7.21%327.148 KIndustrial Services2
Investment Managers539.321 B COP1.60%0.00%0Finance2
Oil & Gas Production430.852 B COP23.06%−0.79%24.848 KEnergy Minerals1
Major Telecommunications355.055 B COP0.00%114.285 KCommunications1
Textiles350.88 B COP4.03%+1.68%1.747 MProcess Industries3
Containers/Packaging181.637 B COP6.12%0.00%0Process Industries1
Steel174.095 B COP0.00%0.00%0Non-Energy Minerals1
Miscellaneous Commercial Services171.924 B COP1.90%0.00%0Commercial Services2
Savings Banks90.153 B COP13.84%0.00%0Finance1
Financial Conglomerates73.48 B COP0.00%989Finance1
Medical/Nursing Services64.161 B COP20.09%0.00%0Health Services1
Investment Trusts/Mutual FundsMiscellaneous56