Indian companies operating in the same containers/packaging industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, containers/packaging. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as AGI GREENPAC LTD or those with the best price dynamics like ORIENT PRESS LTD, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
TIMETECHNOTIME TECHNOPLAST60.635 B INR266.50 INR−0.24%847.224 K0.5721.4512.42 INR+33.29%0.47%Process Industries
JAICORPLTDJAI CORP LTD57.782 B INR321.50 INR−0.77%1.249 M2.07−0.56 INR−123.27%0.15%Process Industries
EPLEPL LTD56.847 B INR177.90 INR−0.53%935.058 K1.6720.588.64 INR+43.04%2.41%Process Industries
Strong buy
AGIAGI GREENPAC LTD54.161 B INR814.00 INR−2.89%102.308 K0.5617.8245.68 INR+5.39%0.60%Process Industries
UFLEXUFLEX LTD31.759 B INR441.80 INR+0.35%28.696 K0.90−58.05 INR−150.50%0.68%Process Industries
HUHTAMAKIHUHTAMAKI INDIA LTD26.074 B INR346.35 INR+0.49%353.532 K1.976.3954.24 INR+725.22%0.58%Process Industries
TARSONSTARSONS PRODUCTS LTD24.456 B INR467.95 INR+1.74%54.38 K0.9245.1510.37 INR−36.87%0.00%Process Industries
Strong buy
JINDALPOLYJINDAL POLY FILMS23.984 B INR543.65 INR−0.80%36.111 K0.56−67.28 INR−124.63%0.79%Process Industries
COSMOFIRSTCOSMO FIRST LTD14.418 B INR570.40 INR+3.81%53.132 K0.9919.0829.89 INR−74.36%0.91%Process Industries
NRAILNR AGARWAL IND8.236 B INR477.65 INR−0.93%3.645 K0.266.2776.20 INR+31.70%0.00%Process Industries
ARROWGREENARROW GREENTECH LI6.284 B INR435.30 INR+4.79%101.594 K2.9420.4521.28 INR0.24%Process Industries
BBTCLB&B TRIPLEWALL CONT LTD5.353 B INR261.60 INR−0.23%2.459 K0.5427.999.35 INR−21.56%0.38%Process Industries
TIRUPATISHREE TIRUPATI BAL5.012 B INR494.75 INR0.00%5000.0830.3016.33 INR+159.95%0.00%Process Industries
SHREERAMASHREE RAMA MULTI3.174 B INR24.20 INR+1.04%123.326 K3.8221.221.14 INR0.00%Process Industries
RPPLRAJSHREE POLYPACK LTD3.011 B INR82.00 INR−0.12%27.615 K0.3230.942.65 INR−12.71%0.20%Process Industries
COMSYNCOMMERCIAL SYN BAGS LTD2.889 B INR71.20 INR−1.45%7.157 K0.7337.241.91 INR−33.20%0.00%Process Industries
SAHSAH POLYMERS LTD2.463 B INR96.05 INR+0.47%96.539 K1.69162.030.59 INR0.52%Process Industries
HHINDNATGLSHINDUSTHAN NAT GLA1.874 B INR20.65 INR−4.84%15.431 K0.390.8624.04 INR0.00%Process Industries
EEMMBIEMMBI INDUSTRIES1.847 B INR105.00 INR−0.14%18.845 K0.4325.944.05 INR−35.73%0.29%Process Industries
WORTHWORTH PERIPHERALS LTD1.776 B INR112.90 INR+0.13%5.976 K0.2113.278.51 INR−25.69%0.89%Process Industries
TAINWALCHMTAINWALA CHEMICALS1.25 B INR132.10 INR−0.53%9.372 K1.0550.802.60 INR−52.37%0.00%Process Industries
FFLEXITUFFFLEXITUFF VENTURES1.019 B INR38.00 INR+2.15%24.85 K0.57−51.96 INR−1.82%0.00%Process Industries
AASTRONASTRON PAPER & BOA1.004 B INR22.50 INR+1.81%17.902 K0.24−1.39 INR+70.94%0.00%Process Industries
OORIENTLTDORIENT PRESS LTD897.1 M INR94.70 INR+4.99%29.799 K3.04−1.47 INR−48.32%0.00%Process Industries
PEARLPOLYPEARL POLYMERS640.906 M INR39.15 INR+1.42%125.252 K0.64−1.13 INR+83.94%0.00%Process Industries
ROLLTROLLATAINERS LTD617.821 M INR2.30 INR+4.55%135.832 K0.51−0.07 INR+97.68%0.00%Process Industries
KKSHITIJPOLKSHITIJ POLYLINE LTD258.327 M INR5.20 INR+1.96%68.782 K1.0528.050.19 INR+125.27%0.00%Process Industries
AANTGRAPHICANTARCTICA LTD232.515 M INR1.55 INR+3.33%880.726 K1.80−0.01 INR−23.81%0.00%Process Industries
DDKEGLDK ENTERPRISES GLO68.00 INR+2.64%1.5 K0.16Process Industries
SABARSABAR FLEX INDIA L19.00 INR−1.55%150 K2.61Process Industries
SSMVDSMVD POLY PACK LTD11.60 INR+4.98%4.04 K0.24Process Industries
UUMAUMA CONVERTER LTD27.00 INR0.00%8 K0.77Process Industries
MMEGAFLEXMEGA FLEX PLASTICS33.90 INR−19.00%12 K0.61Process Industries
MMEGAFLEX.STMEGA FLEX PLASTICS35.35 INR+4.90%6 K0.59Process Industries