Stock market sectors of Luxembourg

The table below shows sectors along with their overview and performance metrics such as market cap, volume and number of stocks. Research various sectors to find promising stocks.

Market cap
Dividend yield FWD %
Change % 1D
Volume 1D
Commercial Services7.711B EUR−1.32%012
Communications2.466B EUR7.66%−1.62%011
Consumer Durables116.564B EUR4.57%−0.80%025
Consumer Non-Durables78.626B EUR2.61%−0.75%023
Consumer Services7.516B EUR8.57%1.72%012
Distribution Services5.037B EUR2.63%−0.44%012
Electronic Technology514.251B EUR2.24%0.83%0528
Energy Minerals192.866B EUR0.29%0.67%011
Finance180.794B EUR3.25%−0.36%81038
Health Technology25.37B EUR0.75%−0.41%027
Industrial Services35.152B EUR0.85%0.75%011
Non-Energy Minerals166.512B EUR1.43%0.49%0314
Process Industries2.322B EUR3.53%0.89%4556
Producer Manufacturing65.985B EUR0.89%−0.65%049
Retail Trade657.044M EUR1.00%0.07%022
Technology Services1.572B EUR0.00%012
Utilities41.898B EUR8.25%0.71%013