Commercial Services

South African companies engaged in commercial services sector

These South African companies operate in the same sector, commercial services. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like ADVTECH LTD, top gainers like TRANSACTION CAPITAL LTD, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
ADHADVTECH LTD14.86 B ZAR2742 ZAC+1.18%109.231 K0.2315.841.73 ZAR+43.02%3.21%
SDOSTADIO HOLDINGS LIMITED3.941 B ZAR469 ZAC+0.43%181.258 K1.5619.430.24 ZAR+66.25%2.15%
KALKAL GROUP LIMITED3.3 B ZAR4782 ZAC+2.01%9.68 K0.347.586.31 ZAR+22.42%3.84%
TCPTRANSACTION CAPITAL LTD2.102 B ZAR279 ZAC+4.49%1.649 M1.08−1.04 ZAR−130.88%0.00%
Strong buy
NVSNOVUS HOLDINGS LIMITED1.858 B ZAR552 ZAC−6.28%110.388 K2.4811.520.48 ZAR0.00%
EMNE MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD -N-1.446 B ZAR327 ZAC0.00%7.509 K1.2011.62%
EMHE MEDIA HOLDINGS LTD1.446 B ZAR322 ZAC−3.88%30.292 K3.5411.80%
SZKSAB ZENZELE KABILI834.685 M ZAR3700 ZAC−2.63%2390.422.0118.41 ZAR0.00%
ADRADCORP HOLDINGS LIMITED407.878 M ZAR388 ZAC+2.11%93.534 K1.974.770.81 ZAR8.58%
44SI4SIGHT HOLDINGS LTD400.132 M ZAR75 ZAC−3.85%11 K0.1213.840.05 ZAR+220.71%3.33%
WWKFWORKFORCE HOLDINGS LTD315.689 M ZAR141 ZAC+0.71%90 K3.29−0.14 ZAR−132.79%0.00%
PMVPRIMESERV GROUP LTD110.477 M ZAR140 ZAC+0.72%46.977 K3.835.350.26 ZAR−3.47%6.79%