Process Industries

Sri Lankan companies engaged in process industries sector

These Sri Lankan companies operate in the same sector, process industries. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC, top gainers like BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
BIL.N0000BROWNS INVESTMENTS PLC81.907 B LKR6.3 LKR+1.61%6.002 M0.385.791.09 LKR−49.23%0.00%
GLAS.N0000PIRAMAL GLASS CEYLON PLC27.457 B LKR28.2 LKR−2.76%1.404 K0.029.123.09 LKR−5.55%5.74%
MGT.N0000HAYLEYS FABRIC PLC17.242 B LKR41.0 LKR−0.97%6.423 K0.017.165.72 LKR+23.87%6.39%
Strong buy
MAL.N0000MALWATTE VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC14.164 B LKR65.9 LKR0.00%5.711 K2.22218.720.30 LKR−97.35%0.24%
GRAN.N0000CEYLON GRAIN ELEVATORS PLC10.695 B LKR184.25 LKR+0.27%45.509 K0.483.7149.61 LKR+304.96%10.10%
NAMU.N0000NAMUNUKULA PLANTATIONS PLC8.265 B LKR358.00 LKR−1.78%6850.383.9989.79 LKR−21.79%3.74%
TAFL.N0000THREE ACRE FARMS PLC7.04 B LKR300.00 LKR+0.17%1.364 K0.122.82106.38 LKR+280.04%9.36%
EBCR.N0000E B CREASY & COMPANY PLC6.085 B LKR23.3 LKR−2.92%1.1 K0.187.683.04 LKR−53.90%6.25%
AGAL.N0000AGALAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC5.125 B LKR34.4 LKR−1.15%760.000.00%
KVAL.N0000KELANI VALLEY PLANTATIONS PLC4.903 B LKR72.6 LKR0.00%2510.014.9214.75 LKR−62.97%7.98%
PACK.N0000EX-PACK CORRUGATED CARTONS PLC4.667 B LKR14.1 LKR0.00%20 K0.067.751.82 LKR−59.62%4.79%
AGST.N0000AGSTAR PLC3.717 B LKR8.3 LKR+1.22%185.102 K0.138.660.96 LKR−62.73%0.00%
LCEY.N0000LANKEM CEYLON PLC3.551 B LKR69.0 LKR0.00%1.005 K0.2140.491.70 LKR−95.57%14.49%
BFL.N0000BAIRAHA FARMS PLC3.08 B LKR182.50 LKR−1.08%120.0053.123.44 LKR−93.14%4.17%
KGAL.N0000KEGALLE PLANTATIONS PLC2.85 B LKR114.25 LKR−2.77%1.434 K0.36−9.16 LKR−116.20%3.07%
BALA.N0000BALANGODA PLANTATIONS PLC2.269 B LKR47.0 LKR−1.47%11.039 K2.344.17%
MASK.N0000MASKELIYA PLANTATIONS PLC1.716 B LKR32.0 LKR+1.91%1.938 K0.385.675.64 LKR−72.01%0.00%
APLA.N0000ACL PLASTICS PLC1.656 B LKR410.00 LKR+0.24%1200.054.4691.84 LKR−58.26%3.82%
MADU.N0000MADULSIMA PLANTATIONS PLC1.627 B LKR10.0 LKR+2.04%1710.03−5.32 LKR−555.45%0.00%
KAHA.N0000KAHAWATTE PLANTATIONS PLC1.61 B LKR16.5 LKR−0.60%4.5 K0.39−5.83 LKR−287.82%0.00%
HAPU.N0000HAPUGASTENNE PLANTATIONS PLC1.394 B LKR33.0 LKR+4.43%300.01−10.47 LKR−149.17%0.00%
HEXP.N0000HAYLEYS EXPORTS PLC1.248 B LKR52.3 LKR+0.58%1130.039.465.53 LKR−49.11%7.31%
CHMX.N0000CHEMANEX PLC1.143 B LKR75.0 LKR−1.70%8190.9418.204.12 LKR−69.97%3.43%
MCPL.N0000MAHAWELI COCONUT PLANTATIONS LIMITED1.001 B LKR26.9 LKR−3.93%1.059 K1.5119.391.39 LKR−47.21%5.24%
UCAR.N0000UNION CHEMICALS LANKA PLC945 M LKR620.25 LKR−0.76%410.035.56%
HOPL.N0000HORANA PLANTATIONS PLC937.5 M LKR39.0 LKR+1.30%4.915 K0.266.685.84 LKR−1.51%6.00%
SIL.N0000SAMSON INTERNATIONAL PLC692.058 M LKR164.00 LKR0.00%130.07−38.03 LKR−201.27%1.22%